Sales & Warranty Terms

Legal ownership of the site
The website (hereinafter referred to as the Site) is legally owned by Astrel Group s.r.l., having registered office in Via Isonzo 21/E, 34070 Mossa – Gorizia (VAT NO. 00187070313, REA no. 49936), and is addressed to online sales of products and services. is a B2B e-commerce portal owned by Astrel Group s.r.l.. MODO® is a registered brand of Astrel Group s.r.l. undertakes to offer a constant maximum service and quality level. Below are our general sales terms and conditions and procedures, to guarantee the transparency and simplicity in order placement. Please note that we do not sell directly to consumers.

Applicable law
The e-commerce of products and services is governed by Legislative Decree n. 206 of 6 September 2005 (the Consumer Code) relative to remote sales to consumers, and Legislative Decree n. 70 of 9 April 2003 relative to e-commerce. Anything that is not covered by these two decrees is subject to the Law of Italy.
Acceptance of the general sales terms and conditions
By placing an order using one of the methods provided in the Site, the Customer declares having read the indications that are given during the buying procedure and thereby fully accepts all the general conditions of sale and payment terms and conditions as given below.
These general sales terms and conditions, the delivery method and payment conditions are all an integral part of the sales contract between the Customer and Astrel Group s.r.l.
The contract is intended as formalised when the Customer receives our confirmation email.
Buying methods
Further to registration, the Customer is able to purchase the products that are displayed in the site, with one of the following methods:
Online purchases:
We accept the most widely used credit cards, Visa and MasterCard.
Special Orders
If you are looking for a code that is not available in our site, we will do everything possible to ensure you receive it as quickly as possible. We will inform you of the costs and availability before proceeding with the order. Once special orders have been confirmed, they are final and cannot be cancelled.

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